Marijuana challenges matter for politicians not courts, judge rules

Ottawa Citizen

One man’s eight-year legal battle over the constitutionality of Canada’s marijuana laws has ended with an Ottawa judge ruling that the anti-pot arguments belong in Parliament and not the courtroom.

Unless federal prosecutors agree to drop possession charges against the ailing James Turner, 50, he will now face criminal proceedings over his 2006 arrest for allegedly possessing and producing more than 2,800 marijuana plants.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Timothy Ray rejected the latest of several legal challenges by the self-represented Turner because they are similar to challenges by others and have already been argued and disposed of by the courts.

“The history of this matter is part of a campaign launched by persons similar to the defendant who are engaged in an unrelenting series of legal challenges designed to change the law as it relates to marijuana and to frustrate criminal proceedings,” said the judge.

“The efforts have been for…

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Church of the Universe

The Assembly of the Church of the Universe is open to all Gods Creatures who believe “God is God” and obey the Golden Rules: (1) Don’t hurt yourself. (2) Don’t hurt anyone else.

Be well and prosper.
In peace, bless us all.

Reverend Brother Walter A. Tucker, Abbot of Clearwater Abbey
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